Variable Question text Label
sc_16Do you favor or oppose adding a public option to the Affordable Care Act?Own opinion: Health insurance
sc_17In your view, should legal immigration be:Own opinion: immigration
sc_18In general, do you think that abortion should be:Own opinion: Abortion
sc_19Do you consider the amount of federal income tax you pay as:Own opinion: Taxes
sc_20_totalTotal (should equal 100)
sc_20aFavorpublic option for ACA--favor
sc_20bNeither favor nor opposepublic option for ACA--neither favor nor oppose
sc_20cOppposepublic option for ACA--oppose
sc_21_totalTotal (should equal 100)
sc_21aIncreasedCurrent immigration level--increased
sc_21bKept at its current levelCurrent immigration level--kept at current level
sc_21cDecreasedCurrent immigration level--decreased
sc_22_totalTotal (should equal 100)
sc_22aLegal in all casesAbortion--legal in all cases
sc_22bLegal in most casesAbortion--legal in most cases
sc_22cIllegal in most casesAbortion--illegal in most cases
sc_22dIllegal in all casesAbortion--Illegal in all cases
sc_23_totalTotal (should equal 100)
sc_23aToo highAmount Americans pay in federal taxes--too high
sc_23bAbout rightAmount Americans pay in federal taxes--about right
sc_23cToo lowAmount Americans pay in federal taxes--too low
sc_24_totalTotal (should equal 100)
sc_24a18-29Age of social contacts--18-29
sc_24b30-49Age of social contacts--30-49
sc_24c50-69Age of social contacts--50-69
sc_24d70+Age of social contacts--70+
sc_25_totalTotal (should equal 100)
sc_25aHigh school or lessEducation of circle contacts--high school or less
sc_25bSome college or college degreeEducation of circle contacts--some college or college degree
sc_25cGraduate degreeEducation of circle contacts--graduate degree
sc_26_totalTotal (should equal 100)
sc_26aFemaleGender of social contacts--female
sc_26bMaleGender of social contacts--male
sc_26cOtherGender of social contacts--other