The Understanding America Study Data Pages provide access to collected data, accessible for all registered users, unless currently under embargo. (Register here.) Non-registered users may explore the fielded UAS surveys and their individual variables, but cannot view or download data.

Surveys are designed by research teams around the world; programmed and tested by our team at the Center for Economic and Social Research, translated into Spanish and then fielded. Data quality is the primary responsibility of the client. Clients have the opportunity to test programmed surveys before they go into the field. Clients may also review sample test data and run a small pilot of their study, should they be interested in doing so. Best practices are encouraged in survey structure, including the avoidance of “don’t know” as an option whenever possible, and other data validations checks, such as numerical ranges, and targeted soft and hard checks with appropriate error warning and information messages.

Several types of data are available for each UAS survey.

For download (generated nightly)

Online only (provided real-time unless otherwise mentioned):

In addition to the above, the following can be provided on request:

Lastly, users can combine data from different studies so that a wealth of additional information can accessed at no additional charge (see for example the survey topics listed here).