The Understanding America Study itself dates back to 2013, but the team behind the UAS has worked on similar projects for a long time. To learn more about a team member’s expertise just click a person’s name.

Arie Kapteyn is the director of the Understanding America Study, overseeing the entirety of the panel, from its organizational to its technical aspects. He also conducts his own surveys in the UAS.

Tania Gutsche is the study manager of the UAS, coordinating all survey work for the UAS, handling contractual matters for UAS and hosting projects using Nubis, managing human subjects applications, new business, and supervising the helpdesk team.

Bas Weerman is responsible for the implementation and management of a variety of data collection projects as well as the development and maintenance of the overall panel infrastructure.

Bart Orriens plays a key role in the development of the UAS’ surveying software NubiS. He also steers the UAS overall data dissemination processes.

Swaroop Samek focuses on UAS projects involving supplementing survey data with information from other data sources.

Michael Moldoff provides programming for UAS surveys. He is also responsible for part of the UAS’ data cleaning processes (e.g. the UAS HRS data).

Tina Vuong provides technical and logistical support to UAS respondents. She also aids with any panel management activities undertaken by the UAS (e.g. recruitment, mailings, and etceteras).