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In the Wake of the Pandemic: How and Why Housing Plans are Changing in L.A. - The Evidence Base, ; by Kyla Thomas, Evan Sandlin, Marco Angrisani and Greg Steigerwald
The Parents are Alright… Or are They? Exploring Well-Being of Parents Living with Adult Children - AARP Blogs, June 6, 2024 ; Julie Miller, Beth Carter, Kennan Cepa
What’s Stopping People from Applying for Disability - Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, ; Kimberly Blanton Topics
Two Percent of U.S. Children Receive High Quality Tutoring, Despite Billions Funneled into School Systems - The Evidence Base, ; Amie Rapaport, Ph.D. and Daniel Silver, PhD
How Schools Communicate Can Meaningfully Change Parent Opinions - The Evidence Base, March 4, 2022 ; Amie Rapaport, Morgan Polikoff and Anna Saavedra
The better you are at math, the more money seems to influence your satisfaction - The Conversation, January 20 ; Ellen Peters and Pär Bjälkebring
With Students Back in School, Latest Data Finds Parental Support for State Testing Rebounding - The 74 million, December 6 ; Daniel Silver and Morgan Polikoff
Are fiery school-board meetings representative of all parents? - Brookings Brown Center Chalkboard, December 16 ; Anna Saavedra, Amie Rapaport, Morgan Polikoff, and Dan Silver
Almost everyone is concerned about K-12 students - Brookings Brown Center Chalkboard, March 23 ; Anna Saavedra, Morgan Polikoff, Dan Silver and Amie Rapaport
Can Educational Interventions Reduce Susceptibility to Financial Fraud? - The Evidence Base, March 15 ; Jeremy Burke, Christine Kieffer, Gary Mottola, Francisco Perez-Arce and Olivia Valdes
Most U.S. Adults Wear Masks – Inconsistently - The Evidence Base, January 22 ; Jill Darling, Kyla Thomas, Arie Kapteyn, Natalie Theys and Alwyn Cassil
Gender and Financial Literacy at Older Ages in America - The Evidence Base, August 27 ; Joanne Yoong
Education Is Now a Bigger Factor Than Race in Desire for COVID-19 Vaccine - The Evidence Base, March 2 ; Kyla Thomas and Jill Darling
How COVID Changed Life in Los Angeles: Recent Findings from a Longitudinal Survey - The Evidence Base, September 2 ; Kyla Thomas and Marco Angrisani
Concerns about child well-being during the 2020-21 school year were greatest among parents of remote learners - Brookings Brown Center Chalkboard, September 23 ; Marshall Garland, Morgan Polikoff and Anna Saavedra
Prepare Now to Overcome Resistance to COVID-19 Vaccinations - The Evidence Base, February 25 ; Wändi Bruine de Bruin
COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal Increases After Being Overlooked During Distribution Process - The Evidence Base, August 3 ; Wändi Bruine de Bruin
Surveys show things are better for students than they were in the spring—or do they? - Brookings Brown Center Chalkboard, November 18 ; Amie Rapaport, Anna Saavedra, Dan Silver and Morgan Polikoff
Parents’ Perspectives on the Effects of COVID-19 on K-12 Education - The Evidence Base, August 3 ; Anna Saavedra, Amie Rapaport, Daniel Silver, Morgan Polikoff, Marshall Garland and Shira Haderlein
Evidence of COVID-19’s Impact on K-12 Education Points to Critical Areas of Intervention - The Evidence Base, December 15 ; Anna Saavedra, Amie Rapaport, Morgan Polikoff, Daniel Silver, Shira Haderlein and Marshall Garland
What Will the June Jobs Report Show? - The Evidence Base, June 22, 2020 ; Arie Kapteyn and Francisco Perez-Arce
Has the Employment Recovery Stalled? - The Evidence Base, July 22 ; Arie Kapteyn and Francisco Perez-Arce
How men’s misplaced sense of masculinity in the face of Covid-19 may be killing them - USApp-American Politics and Policy Blog, April 9 ; Dan Cassino
This Recession May Be Different, But Many of the Victims May Look the Same - The Evidence Base, March 25 ; Daniel Bennett, Arie Kapteyn and Htay-Wah Saw
Vast Majority of Americans Support Wearing Masks, But a Deeper Look at Behavior Reveals Troubling Lack of Adherence - The Evidence Base, August 13 ; Jill Darling, Kyla Thomas, Arie Kapteyn and Francisco Perez-Arce
Even concerned consumers don’t know which food choices have the lowest climate impact - The Conversation, March 10 ; Joel Millward-Hopkins, Astrid Kause and Wandi Bruine de Bruin
Pandemic Hit L.A. Economy Harder Than National Trends Suggest - The Evidence Base, June 19 ; Kyla Thomas
What Can Your Hand Say About Your Cognition? Digit Length and Cognitive Abilities - The Evidence Base, August 10 ; Margaret Gatz and Christian Pike
Working Mothers’ Careers, Mental Health Suffer During COVID-19 Pandemic - The Evidence Base, August 20 ; Maria J. Prados and Gema Zamarro
Election Polls Are More Accurate if They ask Participants How Others Will Vote - The Evidence Base, November 18 ; Mirta Galesic and Wändi Bruine de Bruin
Parent dissatisfaction shows need to improve school communication during coronavirus pandemic - Brookings Brown Center Chalkboard, July 23 ; Morgan Polikoff
Not all kids have computers – and they’re being left behind with schools closed by the coronavirus - The Conversation, May 8 ; Morgan Polikoff, Anna Rosefsky Saavedra and Shira Korn
What’s the Likely Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Ed? - Inside HigherEd, August 4 ; Morgan Polikoff, Dan Silver and Shira Korn
Parent Racial, Income Divides Seen on School Reopening Preferences - Education Week, July 28 ; Sarah Sparks
For Schools To Open in Spring 2021, Teachers and Students Need to Mask Up - Education Next, December 23 ; Shira K. Haderlein and Morgan S. Polikoff
USC Study Finds Increasing Actions and Risk Perceptions for Coronavirus - The Evidence Base, March 18 ; Wändi Bruine de Bruin and Daniel Bennett
Americans Disagree on How Risky the Coronavirus Is, But Most Are Changing Their Behavior Anyway - The Evidence Base, March 26 ; Wandi Bruine de Bruin Anya Samek and Daniel Bennett
Americans disagree on how risky the coronavirus is, but most are changing their behavior anyway -  The Conversation, March 26 ; Wändi Bruine de Bruin, Anya Samek and Daniel Bennett
Discrimination Against Asian, Black Americans More Likely Amid Coronavirus Pandemic - The Evidence Base, March 23 ; Ying Liu and Brian Finch
Knowledge of COVID-19 Symptoms May Not Be Sufficient to Change Behavior - The Evidence Base, March 20 ; Ying Liu and Soeren Mattke
What Do Americans Think about Universal Basic Income? - The Evidence Base, August 26 ; Edward Freeland
LABarometer: A new quarterly survey of L.A. County residents - The Evidence Base, October 30 ; Kyla Thomas
Innovations in probability-based Internet panel data: exploring the Understanding America Study - The Evidence Base, October 8 ; Michael Moldoff, Francisco Perez-Arce and Arie Kapteyn
What types of food aid programs do Americans prefer, and why? - The Evidence Base, October 2 ; Anya Samek
When Survey Respondents Don’t Pay Attention - The Evidence Base, May 23 ; Gema Zamarro
Trump’s boomerang effect on trust and motivation - The Evidence Base, September 6 ; Jill Darling
Thomas Jefferson, Donald Trump, and Freedom of the Press - The Evidence Base, October 11 ; Robert Shrum and Jill Darling
Through the Lens of Populism: The 2016 Election - The Evidence Base, December 22 ; Jill Darling and Margaret Gatz
Are We All Snobs? How Personal Tastes Affect Our Judgment of Others - The Evidence Base, April 25 ; Kyla Thomas
The Woes of Collecting Public Opinion: Lessons from an Outlier Election Poll - The Evidence Base, February 15 ; Tania Gutsche and Jill Darling
Surveys and Character Skills: The Information we Reveal Without Even Trying - The Evidence Base, November 30 ; Gema Zamarro
How Much do Americans Know About Social Security? - The Evidence Base, January 26 ; Joanne Yoong
Can Asking About People’s Social Circles Inform Election Predictions? - The Evidence Base, November 7 ; Mirta Galesic and Wändi Bruine de Bruin
What do We Know, and How do We Feel about Police Homicides in the US? - The Evidence Base, October 6 ; Brian Finch
Our Outbreaks - The Evidence Base, February 27 ; Lila Rabinovich
Didn’t you Hear? The Understanding America Study is Here. - The Evidence Base, November 24 ; Mike Branom