Real-time Sample Composition Statistics

The list below contains the current UAS sample batches. Please note that the recruiting process on average takes approximately six months for most sampled respondents to log in to the UAS survey page for the first time, and some take even longer to become members. So for more recent batches the response overview may reflect results that are not yet complete. Generally speaking, batches that began recruitment more than 1 year prior to the current date may be considered to be complete. Also note that the list below is updated regularly to include new sample batches. To learn more about a batch and its response details please just click on its name. All percentages reported below are all taken relative to the total number of mailed out surveys minus survey mailed to addresses that were found to be non-existent or invalid (e.g. business addresses).

For information about UAS's Address Based Sampling methodology, please refer to the UAS Weighting Procedures.

To learn more about a specific batch, click on its name (opens in a new browser window).

1 The LA County sample was the exception to this case, in that we were not interested in following residents outside of LA county. Additionally, we only had the mother's name from the birth records. As a result, LA County sample mailings were addressed to "First Last OR Current Resident."
2 Native American samples were screened for ethnicity. Welcome Letters were only sent to appropriate ethnic groups, while other respondents are sent a letter thanking them for their interest, and mentioning we may contact them in the future should opportunities arise.
3 The relatively small numbers for the Native Americans are due to ineligibility, not unwillingness to participate.
4 Beginning with the recruitment wave titled “MSG 2018-08 Nationally Representative Batch 9”, UAS changed to an online-first protocol. A revised version of the paper survey (UAS Initial Recruitment Survey, v2) was sent to non-responders as a second phase in the recruitment process. For those who respond to the paper survey, prospective members are asked if they want to join the UAS panel. If they express interest, they are contacted again and invited to regularly participate in online surveys.
5 In contrast to previous nationally representative recruitment waves, zip codes for the recruitment wave titled “MSG 2020-10 Nationally Representative Batch 11” and “MSG 2020-10 Nationally Representative Batch 12” were drawn completely at random.