General information

The MSG 2021-08 Nationally Representative Batch 16 sample cohort is characterized by the following:

Batch code25
Sample descriptionNationally representative
Date drawnAugust 2021
Date of first mailingJanuary 31, 2022
Batch size2523
Experiment(s)New sampling method, retaining online-first recruitment method used in batches since MSG 2018-08 Nationally Representative Batch 9

Recruitment rates

All the recruitment rates below conform to AAPOR specifications. Please note that the Initial Response Rate reported in table 1 are based on AAPOR RR1. More information about the AAPOR response rates can be found at the Aapor web site.

Mailout and phone follow up of initial survey

The initial mail survey is a standard paper and pencil mail survey, but the respondents are given the option to respond online. The response rate of this is computed like any mail survey.

Total sample2,523
Eligible refusals and noncontacts (R)
Refused to participate0
Incomplete interviews6
Refusals and noncontacts with unknown eligibility (U)
Nothing returned1,891
Unreachable by phone0
Undeliverable by mail25
Responses (I)601
Initial Response Rate (I/(I + R + U))24.1%

Consent to participate

The initial mail survey asks respondents whether they would be interested in participating in the Understanding America Study. Everyone who answers affirmatively and who receives a login code is considered to have provided consent. The recruitment rate is then calculated as the number of people who receive a login code divided by the total number of eligible responses to the mail survey.

Total sample601
Eligible refusals and noncontacts (R)
Refused to participate190
Refusals and noncontacts with unknown eligibility (U)0
Responses (I)411
Recruitment Rate (I/(I + R + U))68.4%

Initial participation

The profile rate (PROR) is the fraction of the individuals who consented who completed My Household and thus became a panel member.

Total sample411
Eligible refusals and noncontacts (R)
Logged on to survey, did not complete any item0
Partially completed the My Household survey15
Did not log on114
Responses (I)282
Profile Rate (I/(I + R))68.6%

Overall recruitment rate

The overall recruitment rate (ORR) is the product of the response rates computed above (initial response rate, recruitment rate, and profile rate):

ORR = IRR * RECR * PROR = 0.241 * 0.684 * 0.686 = 11.3%

Active panel

As in any panel, we monitor attrition. Because individuals often simply stop responding without actively withdrawing from the panel and without us being able to contact them, we adopt the criterion that an individual is considered to be an active panel member if they participated in any survey in the last year (counting back from today, that is, May 28, 2023). A panel member who is not an active panel member but has not been removed yet from the panel is an inactive panel member.

Total sample282
Eligible refusals and noncontacts (R)
Voluntary drop-out1
Temporarily unavailable0
Individuals removed for miscellaneous reasons1
Refusals and noncontacts with unknown eligibility (U)
Inactive panel member57
Ineligible for another reason0
Responses (I)222
Retention Rate (I/(I + R + U)79%

Cumulative response rate

The cumulative response rate (CUMRR) up to and including retention is the product of the response rates computed above (initial response rate, recruitment rate, profile rate, and retention rate):

CUMRR = IRR * RECR * PROR * RETR = 0.241 * 0.684 * 0.686 * 0.79 = 8.9%