This page provides an overview of the Understanding America Study (UAS) data files, and data products.

We distinguish three tiers of UAS data and associated data access policies. Registration is not required to explore survey questions and documentation, read reports of aggregated results, or view study pages. All UAS survey data and data products in every tier are coded human subjects data files, that is, identifiers have been replaced with a study code. To access UAS survey data files, register as a UAS user, and return a signed data user agreement (DUA). To learn more about UAS DUAs, click here.

Tier 1: Survey data and data products. Data files available for download in this tier include survey responses, aggregated data products (e.g. comprehensive file, cognitive file), state location indicators (county is known for the LABarometer panel comprising members of Los Angeles County in California); demographic variables; household information. Data files include a unique code that allows linking to other UAS survey data files. Files may be accessed for secondary data analysis of de-identified data. Tier 1 data falls into four categories:

To access Tier 1 data register for a UAS Data User account (if you have not done so already), then fill out and submit a Data User Agreement (editable PDF, basic PDF here) to Learn more about UAS data products here.

Tier 2: Sensitive data. Data files available for download in this tier include UAS survey data and data products from election tracking, or survey data linked to external data at other than state level by UAS staff and provided for research use. The files may include additional “blinded” location indicators (i.e., index numbers replacing geocodes used for linking UAS data to external data) but no geocodes. External data linked to UAS data must not include indirect identifiers (i.e., external data uniquely associated with locations more granular than state, which could be used to re-identify the location).

To access Tier 2 Sensitive data, registered UAS data users sign and return the Sensitive Data User Agreement to If you do not yet have a UAS Data User account, register here first. Learn more about UAS sensitive data here.

Tier 3: Restricted data. UAS data in this tier are made available for analysis only in the LINKAGE Enclave, administered by UAS and the National Institute for Aging (NIA) Data Linkage Program. These data include coded UAS survey data linked with external program data from restricted sources such as SSA, CMS, or NDI. Also included in this tier are UAS coded survey data that include indirect or direct identifiers such as social media “handles” or data; detailed occupation codes.

For access to the LINKAGE enclave, registered UAS data users fill out and submit an UAS Enclave Application to If you do not yet have a UAS Data User account, register here first. Learn more about UAS restricted data here.