General Pricing Structure

The Understanding America Study has a simple pricing structure which is based upon the estimated time a survey takes to complete.  An estimate can be made in advance based upon a paper version.

Basic pricing plus $2000 handling is:

Our team of experts is available for numerous additional activities, including the following services: Questionnaire design, Testing, Human subjects research advising, Application development, Visual displays, Graphical Interface, Sample Management Design. These are priced based upon time estimates of our programming and research staff.

We have provided an online price calculator, or contact us at

Pricing Structure for the UAS Quartery Omnibus Survey

The UAS Quartery Omnibus Survey, a representative national survey, is conducted in English and Spanish. Interested parties can suggest up to 12 simple questions. Because costs are shared, the UAS Omnibus is a price-effective way to collect data though the UAS panel. The UAS Omnibus is great for quick turnaround projects, feasibility studies, testing alternate question wording, or even conducting a prospective longitudinal analysis over time. You can combine your data with several hours' worth of background questions, including demographics, cognition, personality, political preferences, health, finances, labor market position, etc.

We have provided an online Omnibus price calculator, or contact us at