Variable Question text Label
FLQ093fill for Q093 question
q077Now thinking about all of your household’s current debts, including mortgages, bank loans, student loans, money owed to people, medical debt, past-due bills, and credit card balances that are carried from prior months...

As of today, which of the following statements describes how manageable your household debt is?
debt payments manageable
q078Auto loanshave debt--auto loans
q079Student loanshave debt--student loans
q080Small business loanshave debt--small business loans
q081Mortgageshave debt--mortgages
q082Past-due medical billshave debt--medical
q083Outstanding credit card balances on cards with more than 0% interest, carried over from previous monthshave debt--credit cards
q084Other debts or loans not listed (such as payday loans, auto title loans, other past due bills, and money borrowed from family or friends) (Please Specify):~q084_other have debt--other loans
q084_otherother debts or loans--specify
q086Auto loansamount of debt--auto loans
q087Student loansamount of debt--student loans
q088Small business loansamount of debt--small business loans
q089Mortgagesamount of debt--mortgages
q090Past-due medical billsamount of debt--medical
q091Outstanding credit card balances on cards with more than 0% interest, carried over from previous monthsamount of debt--credit cards
q093^FLQ093amount of other debt or loans
q094Delay or prevent starting a business?debt delayed/prevented starting a business
q095Delay or prevent moving from your current residence?debt delayed/prevented moving
q096Delay or prevent going to school?debt delayed/prevented school
q097Delay or prevent starting a family?debt delayed/prevented starting a family
q098Delay or prevent purchasing a home?debt delayed/prevented purchasing home
q099Delay or prevent purchasing a car?debt delayed/prevented purchasing car
q100Delay or prevent saving for retirement?debt delayed/prevented saving for retirement
q101Delay or prevent retiring from work?debt delayed/prevented retirement
q102Delay or prevent changing jobs?debt delayed/prevented changing jobs
q103Delay or prevent receiving medical treatment (including filling prescriptions)?debt delayed/prevented medical care
q104For this question, please think about how long it might take to pay off your current level of household debt, excluding mortgages. Do not consider future debt, just the non-mortgage debt you have right now.

Excluding any mortgages, and assuming you do not take on any more debt, how long do you think it would take your household to pay off its current debts? If you aren’t sure, your best guess will do.
how long til all debt paid
q175Home equity line of credithave debt--home equity line of credit
q176Do you currently have one or more credit cards?HAVE ONE OR MORE CREDIT CARDS
q177Home equity line of creditamount of debt--home equity line of credit