Available datasets include files for each completed wave of the Covid surveys, as well as longitudinal files that combine all Covid survey waves into easy-to-use datasets, updated with a consistent variable naming structure to simplify data comparisons between the different waves, and sample weights. In addition, several derived variables are included in the files, as well as indicators for wave number, UAS survey number, and survey type (long-form versus short-form). The two longitudinal files are:

  1. National Sample longitudinal file: includes all waves of the long-form national surveys. The first wave was fielded in March 2020. Waves 2 - 29 were fielded every two weeks from April 2020 through February 2021 and every four weeks from late February 2021 through July 2021. The stand-alone Waves 30 - 33 were fielded in September - October 2021, February - March 2022, July - September 2022, November 2022 – January 2023, and May 2023 – July 2023 respectively.
  2. Los Angeles County Sample longitudinal file: includes all long-form surveys (Waves 1 - 34) from those respondents who were LA County residents, along with all short-form surveys (which were administered during Waves 2 - 29 to LA County residents only). LA County respondents were surveyed once every seven days during Waves 2 - 24 and biweekly during Waves 25 - 29.

These datasets may be linked to other UAS survey data files downloadable from our survey page, using a unique UAS ID code (uasid). CESR does not release personal identifiers associated with these data to researchers, who may apply for "not human subjects" determinations from their local IRB for their analysis.

These data can also be easily linked to external data sources at the state level using the included state of residence variable. If you are interested in county-level or zipcode-level linkages to external data sources, please review the information provided on the External data sources tab.


An overall description of the UAS Covid-19 surveys can be found in the UAS COVID-19 Panel Description. Questionnaires, codebooks, toplines and other documentation are available without need for registration via the Documentation tab. A comparison of the UAS Covid-19 data with several other Covid-19 survey data sources is available in the UAS Covid-19 Comparison With Other Data Sources.

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