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August 4 News Release : Pandemic may delay college graduation for students of color.
July 7 News Release : COVID-related discrimination unduly impacts racial minorities.
June 18 News Release : Gender Differences in the Impact of COVID-19.
June 4 News Release : Anxiety and depression associated with COVID-19 peaked in early April – but then declined.
May 21 News Release: Unemployment benefits help some, but COVID-19 hits the disadvantaged hard.
April 30 News Release: National Survey: School Engagement Surprisingly High, Despite Concerns about the Future.
April 17 News release: National Survey Reveals Extent of Coronavirus-Related Job Loss and Outsized Impact on Blacks, Latinos.
March 18 News release: What do Americans think of their chances of being infected with Coronavirus?
March 13 Early Data News Release: People in the US are changing their behavior, anticipating fallout of COVID-19.