This page summarizes the data and documentation associated with the 2016 USC Dornsife / LA Times Presidential Election Daybreak Tracking Poll, (July 4 - November 7, 2016). It includes the poll's cumulative longitudinal data, UAS post-election data collections, and associated documentation, examples, and programs. To access these UAS data files, simply register as a UAS data user.

Answers to some questions about the outcome of the 2016 Daybreak poll are here. We recommend supplementing the original weighting of the 2016 Daybreak poll by adding a benchmark for the census urbanicity variable, and adding that variable to the weights. For more information please contact us.

Note: Basic demographics are included in all files. As with all UAS data sets, election data may be linked to variables from Other UAS surveys for further analysis if desired. Information on weighting the Daybreak poll is included in the Daybreak Poll Data Documentation and Codebook , and example weighting programs are available upon request.


Pre-election data consists of the 2012 vote and election panel consent survey, the Daybreak tracking poll cumulative files (original and final), and three stand-alone full-panel surveys. Please consult the Daybreak Poll Data Documentation and Codebook for more information on methodology and content of these files.

Original Daybreak longitudinal microdata data files. Zipped Stata format files.

  • (July 4-Nov 7)unweighted original longitudinal microdata file of vote questions, past vote and demographics. This file was cumulative, updated daily during the election season
  • (Nov 1-Nov 7)This file represents the microdata from last 7 days of the poll, used to create the final aggregated estimate in the charts for that day. (This file represented a single point on the chart, and was replaced daily. See updated files list for full set of chart points)

Updated Daybreak longitudinal microdata files. Zipped Stata format files.

  • Updated unweighted longitudinal microdata file of vote questions, past vote and demographics from July 4 to November 7, 2016. Differs from original file in that minor errors in some variables have been corrected. These changes are documented in the codebook and file notes.
  • Full set of daily polldata files - each file is the aggregated estimate from the previous seven days responses, and represents a point on the tracking chart

Other pre-election data. Stata format files.
Merge these data with the longitudinal vote data using variables uasid (respondent identifier) and ts (timestamp).

  • Weekly Election Topics File. Each week, 1 to 3 questions were asked after the 3 vote questions. We have provided full question wording and an example Stata "do" file for processing variables in this file.
  • UAS 47 Vote History and Consent. (May 16, 2016 - November 1, 2016) Respondents provided their 2012 vote history and indicated consent or lack of it for inclusion in the Daybreak election panel
  • UAS 52 VP Choice. (July 15, 2016 - July 22, 2016) Approval of Mike Pence as GOP vice presidential nominee, opinions of candidates being considered for Clinton’s Democratic VP nominee
  • UAS 54 Republican National Convention. (July 22, 2016 - July 28, 2016) Following the news, convention impact, focus on Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, approval of Pence as GOP VP choice, approval of Kane as Dem VP choice
  • UAS 55 Democratic National Convention. (July 29, 2016 - August 5, 2016) Following the news, Kane approval, convention impact, focus on Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, impact on optimism


  • UAS 71 Post election poll (November 9, 2016 - December 19, 2016) Right direction/wrong track, happiness with outcome of the election, voter registration and party, party affil, 2012 vote, how vote cast, why didn’t you vote?, vote for president, generic Senate and House, presidential vote today, difficulty voting, election observers, confidence in accurate vote count, how your friends voted.
  • UAS 76 End of Year survey (December 16, 2016 - February 15, 2017) election related vars: who would you vote for if election were held today, happiness with Trump as president, trust in federal and state government. Characteristics: veteran status, self-described urbanicity, class, neighborhood racial composition, experienced discrimination, etc.
  • UAS 73 Voting among social circle (follow up to pre-election administrations available in the Weekly Election Topics file). (November 3, 2016 - November 7, 2016
  • UAS 88 Political topics: First 60 days of the new administration (February 24, 2017 - April 10, 2017)
  • UAS 91 Political topics: First 100 days of the new administration (April 12, 2017 - May 19, 2017) Data embargoed until October 1, 2017


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