UAS 73


The final pre-election administration of a survey intended to examine the predictive power of asking questions about the voting intentions of the respondents' circle of friends. Previous administrations were in the election series file, asked in series 2,6, and 11. A version asked again in the post-election poll.

Section Description
Base Base questions
Demographics Demographics
Closing Closing questions
UAS 73 - Response Overview #
Size of selected sample 3459
Completed the survey 2645
Started but did not complete the survey 17
Did not start the survey 797
Response rate 76.47%
Timing Distribution
Additional Information
Sample selection All active respondents to election series 2,6, or 11.
Language(s) English/Spanish
Field dates November 03, 2016 to November 07, 2016
Under embargo No
Average Time 1 minutes