The CESR Center for Applied Research in Education (CARE)'s UAS Education Project focuses on collecting data from the subset of UAS panel households with at least one preK-12 child and/or at least one postsecondary student. Data collection began in March 2020 through the “Understanding Coronavirus in America" tracking survey, and continues through a series of stand-alone surveys and additions to periodic Covid survey waves.

This page provides easy access to UAS Education Project data, documentation, and publications. Scroll down for a list of publications, downloadable data files, and methodology and crosstab reports.

In addition, since October 2020, CARE's UAS Education Project has been collecting data describing K-12 students’ learning mode (i.e. in-person, remote, hybrid), proportion of schools enrolled in person, parent attendance preferences, and school mitigation policies including mask-wearing. To view graphs visualizing the data, overall and by parent subgroups (e.g. race/ethnicity, family income), click go to and choose “K-12” from the “Suggested graphs” drop-down menu.


A variety of outlets have published articles about and/or using education data collected through the UAS Understanding Coronavirus in America Study. Please use the links below to explore results and their policy implications.




The UAS Covid-19 Survey National Sample Longitudinal File (located on the National Survey Data page) provides a cleaned and harmonized data set containing all waves of national tracking survey education data, combining data from all long-form surveys (up to and including UAS 348). The variable names have been harmonized, allowing easy longitudinal analysis. The data file includes longitudinal sample weights. Consult the file documentation and variable list/crosswalk for more information. For the vast majority of analyses this will be the file of choice. For cases where you need weights for analysis of a specific wave, we provide individual survey data sets below.




Acknowledgement to include in presentations and publications based on CESR UAS education data sets
The project described in this paper relies on data from survey(s) administered by the Understanding America Study (UAS), maintained by the USC Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research (CESR) at the University of Southern California. The collection of the UAS COVID-19 tracking data has received financial support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Science Foundation Grant No. 2037179 and No. 2120194, National Institute on Aging Grant No. U01AG054580, the Hewlett Foundation, and the University of Southern California.