Variable Question text Label
numberofbillsnumber of bills
pay000Since ^FLDate (in the last 30 days), which of the following bill types have you paid?

Please report:
1. Bills for which you yourself made the payment (^FLMoreDetails1)
2. Automatic bill payments (^FLMoreDetails2).

If you did not pay any bills, check the "I did not pay any bills since ^FLDate" box below the table.
Home and Household Utilities, including:
  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Homeowner’s association/condo fees
  • Energy/heating/electricity
  • House/yard maintenance
  • Water/sewer/trash collection
pay000_noneORI did not pay any bills since ^FLDate
pay004Who set up the payment?who set up payment
pay007How did you fund this mobile app payment?fund mobile app payment
payamntpaid amount
payfrequencypaid frequency
payhavebillDid you pay any more ^FLBillType bills since ^FLDate (in the last 30 days)?

Examples are:
another bill
paylocationpaid how
paymethoddaily purchases payment method
paytypebill type