General information

Question text:
Answer type: Drop down
Answer options: 1 Rent
2 Mortgage
3 Home equity loan
4 Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
5 Yard/property maintenance
6 Housing maintenance (Cleaning, laundry service, regular servicing)
7 Electricity
8 Water/sewer
9 Natural gas, propane, heating fuel, other energy
10 Homeowner's association or condo fees
11 Trash collection
12 Other regular household/utility bills
21 Mobile phone
22 Cable TV (wired/wireless/satellite)
23 Internet
24 Telephone (landline)
31 Credit card bill
32 Car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or other vehicle payments
33 Student loan
34 Other types of loans
41 Health insurance (out-of-pocket, including Medicare supplemental insurance)
42 Vehicle insurance
43 Homeowner's or Condo insurance
44 Renter\'s insurance
45 Life insurance
46 Umbrella insurance
47 Other types of insurance
51 Federal taxes
52 State taxes
53 Local taxes
54 Property taxes
55 Car vehicle taxes
56 Other taxes
61 Tuition, daycare, regular babysitting
62 Regular medical or dental payments
63 Parking (weekly, monthly, or annual pass)
64 Public transportation (weekly, monthly, or annual pass for bus, subway, ferry, etc.)
65 Memberships or subscriptions (Gym, Netflix, social or professional club dues, magazines, etc.)
66 Regular religious contributions, monetary only (tithes, offerings, etc.)
67 Other regular charitable contributions, monetary only (United Way, Red Cross, American Cancer Society, etc.)
68 Alimony/child support
69 Miscellaneous bills
71 Music streaming
72 Video streaming
73 Newspaper/magazines
74 Gaming subscriptions
75 Home delivery of food/clothes/gear
76 Gym and health clubs
77 Other club memberships
78 Other subscriptions
81 Other/miscellaneous
Label: bill type
Empty allowed:
Error allowed:
Multiple instances: Yes

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