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The next set of questions are about the upcoming primaries and caucuses in advance of the 2020 presidential election, and some issues in the news.

Are you:

registered to vote

Are you registered as:

party registration

Regardless of if or how you are registered to vote, are you more closely aligned with…

party affiliation
Pol_04Generally speaking, do you lean more toward affiliating with Democrats or with Republicans? party affiliation leaning

Regardless of your political registration or affiliation, where would you place yourself on the political spectrum from extremely liberal to extremely conservative?

party ideology
Pol_06The presidential election state party primaries and caucuses will be held early in 2020. What is the percent chance that you will vote in your state’s party primary or caucus in 2020? If you have already voted, please use 100%. If your primary or caucus was held, and you did not vote, or if you are sure you will not vote, please put in 0%likelihood of voting in primary
Pol_07If you decide to vote in your state’s presidential primary or caucus, which party’s primary or caucus are you most likely to vote in, if any?which 2020 primary
Pol_08Here is a list of candidates who are running for the Democratic nomination in 2020. If your state’s Democratic presidential primary or caucus were held today, for which of these candidates would you vote? democratic primary vote
Pol_09How closely have you been following the news about the issues that have led the U.S. House of Representatives to hold an impeachment inquiry into President Trump's actions regarding Ukraine?following impeachment news

Based on what you know or have heard about the issues, which of the following comes closer to your view? The U.S. House of Representatives should...

house impeachment vote
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If the U.S. House of Representatives does vote to impeach President Trump, and sends the case to trial in the Senate, which of the following comes closer to your view? The Senate should...

senate removal vote
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candidate_orderrandomized order of candidates shown on screen for Pol_08