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Now we have some questions about current events. 
As you know, in November 2016 the country will elect a new President.

Have you been following the election campaign so far?

have you been following presidential campaign
election_02Here is a little quiz that you may enjoy.
Who of the following five politicians is not running for President this year? Choose one.
election running quiz
election_02_orderOrder of election_02 answer options
election_03What is the first event where voters can express their preference for a candidate?

election first event
election_03_orderOrder of election_03 answer options
election_04Which of the following candidates is running to become the democratic presidential candidate? Choose all that apply.which candidates are running for democratic ticket
election_04_orderOrder of election_04 answer options
election_05Why is Barack Obama not running for President?

why isn't barak obama running
election_05_orderOrder of election_05 answer options
endofyear_01Do you have any resolutions for the upcoming year. (Check all that apply)resolutions
endofyear_01_otherWhat other resolution?resolutions other
grit_01Please choose which answer best describes you.
When doing work...
when doing work how hard a worker
grit_02Please choose which answer best describes you.
When doing work...
when doing work dilligence

Now some more questions to ask your opinion about important issues.

Which of the following best reflects your views about gun rights?

gun rights
issues_01_orderOrder of issues_01 answer options
issues_02What do you think of the state of politics in the United States?  Please choose yes if you agree with a statement and no if you disagree.

People with money have much more influence on political outcomes than the average citizen.

state of US politics
issues_03The two party system makes it impossible for an independent to be successful.

two party system
issues_04What do you think of the position of the United States in the world? Check all that apply.US position in the world
issues_04_orderOrder of issues_04 answer options
issues_05Should we raise the smoking age to 21?raise smoking age
walking_01Where you live… Are there places that you can walk to that help you relax, clear your mind, and reduce stress?
places to walk where you live
walking_02Where you live… Does traffic make it unsafe for you to walk?traffic safety where you live
walking_03Where you live… Are there shops, stores, or markets that you can walk to?access to commerce where you live
wellbeing_01that you were unable to control the important things in your life?unable to control important things
wellbeing_02that difficulties were piling up so high that you could not overcome them?difficulties were piling up so high that you could not overcome them
wellbeing_03that you were confident about your ability to handle your personal problems?confident about your ability to handle your personal problems
wellbeing_04that things were going your way?that things were going your way

How many times did you cry in the past 4 weeks?

how many times cry in last 4 weeks

When was your most recent crying episode?

most recent crying episode
wellbeing_07How do you feel connected to others?

how connected 1-9