The March wave of data for Los Angeles County is simply a subset of the national data, only including Los Angeles County residents. As of April 1, the data collection for Los Angeles County consists of two components. The first component is the national survey administered to Los Angeles County residents once every fourteen days. The second component consists of a shorter survey with the same 14 days periodicity, but administered in the alternative weeks. To give an example, if an LA County respondent is invited to a survey on Monday, April 6, for the national survey then the same respondent is invited for a shorter survey on Monday, April 13. Conversely, a respondent who is invited for a national survey on Monday, April 13, will be invited for a short survey on Monday, April 6, etc. Since the content of the short survey is mainly a subset of the questions in the national survey, the result is that for the short survey, we collect data at a weekly frequency in Los Angeles County, rather than every other week. This set-up implies that a respondent in Los Angeles County has only one week to answer a survey, rather than two weeks as in the rest of the country.

The separate data sets, questionnaires and codebooks are listed under the Documentation tab. UAS Understanding Coronavirus in America publications in academia, blogs and the media can be found in the Publications tab.

LONGITUDINAL DATA This file provides a cleaned and harmonized data set containing all weekly waves of LA County tracking survey data, combining data from all long-form and short-form surveys. The variable names have been harmonized, allowing easy longitudinal analysis. The data file includes longitudinal sample weights. Consult the file documentation and variable list/crosswalk linked here for more information. For the vast majority of analyses this will be the file of choice. For cases where you need weights for analysis of a specific wave, we provide individual survey data sets in the next section of this page.


Each wave of the LA County tracking survey is conducted as two individual UAS surveys – the national “long-form” and the LA County “short-form”. These are administered to LA County residents in alternating weeks. Together they create a weekly sample for most of the short-form variables. The individual UAS survey files are combined, cleaned and harmonized in the longitudinal data file linked above, but we also provide the individual files here for completeness, with the sample in the individual long-form files limited to LA County residents. Each data file is individually weighted, to allow standalone analysis of the file on its own. To access the full national sample long-form data files, visit the National Survey Data page of this site.