UAS 209


Healthcare priorities; Hypothetical decision making

Section Description
Base Base questions
Demographics Demographics
preferences Health Care Consumer Preferences
contingent Contingent Valuation
future Likelihood of Future Use
satisfaction Health Care Satisfaction, Access, and Health Status
comorbidities Comorbidities Questionnaire
Closing Closing questions
UAS 209 - Response Overview #
Size of selected sample 4330
Completed the survey 1531
Started but did not complete the survey 68
Did not start the survey 2731
Response rate 35.36%
Timing Distribution
Additional Information
Sample selection All English speaking active respondents who completed UAS98 and/or UAS188 (HRS N-P)
Language(s) English/Spanish
Field dates October 25, 2019 to October 26, 2019
Under embargo No
Average Time 9 minutes