Variable Question text Label
q028aHeart diseaseHeart disease
q028bHigh blood pressureHigh blood pressure
q028cLung diseaseLung disease
q028eUlcer or stomach diseaseUlcer or stomach disease
q028fKidney diseaseKidney disease
q028gLiver diseaseLiver disease
q028hAnemia or other blood diseaseAnemia or other blood disease
q028kPain and swelling in joints other than the backPain and swelling in joints other than the back
q028nOther medical problems (please write in): ~q028n_other[1]
Other problems
q029aHeart diseasetreatment Heart disease
q029bHigh blood pressuretreatment High blood pressure
q029cLung diseasetreatment Lung disease
q029dDiabetestreatment Diabetes
q029eUlcer or stomach diseasetreatment Ulcer or stomach disease
q029fKidney diseasetreatment Kidney disease
q029gLiver diseasetreatment Liver disease
q029hAnemia or other blood diseasetreatment Anemia or other blood disease
q029iCancertreatment Cancer
q029jDepressiontreatment Depression
q029kPain and swelling in joints other than the backtreatment Pain and swelling in joints other than the back
q029lOsteoporosistreatment Osteoporosis
q029mFracturestreatment Fractures
q029nOther medical problems ^FL_q028n_othertreatment Other problems
q030aHeart diseaselimit Heart disease
q030bHigh blood pressurelimit High blood pressure
q030cLung diseaselimit Lung disease
q030dDiabeteslimit Diabetes
q030eUlcer or stomach diseaselimit Ulcer or stomach disease
q030fKidney diseaselimit Kidney disease
q030gLiver diseaselimit Liver disease
q030hAnemia or other blood diseaselimit Anemia or other blood disease
q030iCancerlimit Cancer
q030jDepressionlimit Depression
q030kPain and swelling in joints other than the backlimit Pain and swelling in joints other than the back
q030lOsteoporosislimit Osteoporosis
q030mFractureslimit Fractures
q030nOther medical problems ^FL_q028n_otherlimit Other problems