Variable Question text Label
guncont_suppOverall, do you ^FLOppose[1] or ^FLOppose[2] stricter gun control laws in the US? Support or oppose stricter gun control laws
guncont_supp_answer_orderanswer order support or oppose stricter gun control lawsanswer order support or oppose stricter gun control laws
guncont_supp_orderIndicates order support or oppose stricter gun control lawsindicates order support or oppose stricter gun control laws
rate_government_randomizerIndicates randomization of government group labelindicates randomization of government group label
rate_occup_aNurses honesty nurses
rate_occup_bPolice officers honesty police officers
rate_occup_cJournalistshonesty journalists
rate_occup_dScientistshonesty scientists
rate_occup_eLawyershonesty lawyers
rate_occup_f^rate_survey_randomizerhonesty pollsters, survey researchers, public opinion researchers
rate_occup_g^rate_government_randomizerhonesty conrgress different variations
rate_occup_orderquestion order honesty questions
rate_occup_questionsquestion order honesty questions
rate_survey_randomizerIndicates randomization of survey researcher labelindicates randomization of survey researcher label
source_randomizerIndicates source labelindicates source randomizer
source_text_randomizerIncludes methodology text or notindicates source text randomizer
source_trustRecently, a ^FLSource reported that 57% of Americans think that it should be harder to buy a gun in America.^FLSourceText The study further shows that a majority supports stricter rules for gun and ammunition sales including universal background checks.

From what you can tell, how trustworthy do you think these results are?
Trust in Source Experiment