Variable Question text Label
eoy_01Today's generation of K-12 studentsConcerned about today's K-12
eoy_02K-12 students from lower-income householdsConcerned about lower income
eoy_03K-12 students from households of colorConcerned about students from color
eoy_04Elementary school studentsConcerned about elementary students
eoy_05Middle/high school studentsConcerned about middle/high school students
eoy_06Overall, how would you describe your level of physical activity?level of physical activity
eoy_07If the pandemic was over, what would you do tomorrow?Book a vacation
eoy_08Which of the following, if any, best describes your eating behavior?

eating behavior or vegetarian (was issues_01 in 2016)
ins001Suppose you already bought a used car. After inspecting the car, an independent agency tells you that the chance the car may be defective within the first year is ^ins_randomizer_specific. If the car is defective, your only option will be to fix it and you will need to pay $5,000 to do this.

How much would you pay for an insurance policy that would give you back the full $5,000 to fix the car?
specific chance totaled how much willing to fix
ins_randomizer_specificIndicates randomizer specific chancerandomizer specific chance
preload_ins_randomizer_specificIndicates preloaded randomizer specific chancepreloaded randomizer specific chance