Variable Question text Label
AE1People like me do not have much say in what government does Ppl like me don’t have much say in government
AE2The system is stacked against people like me System is stacked against ppl like me
AE3It doesn’t really matter who you vote for because the rich control both political parties Votes don’t matter, the rich control both parties
disagree_togetherAmericans who disagree with me politically probably still have the country's best interests at heart Disagree but best interests
fear_violenceOn election day, I was afraid people might react violently to the outcome of the election Afraid people would react violently
inperson_covidVoting in person at a voting location during the Covid-19 pandemic is safeVoters in person is safe during pandemic
inperson_harassVoting in person at a voting location exposes voters to harassment and intimidation Voters in person exposed to harassment
mask_individualThe decision whether or not to wear a face covering around other people should be an individual choice that should be made only by the person who would be wearing the mask.Face covering in pandemic is an Individual decision
mask_protectWearing a face covering around other people helps protect everyone from the coronavirus Face coverings protect other people
violence_justifiedThere are times when violent protest is justified to achieve political aims Violence justified