Variable Question text Label
EN002In 2016, the major candidates for president were Donald Trump for the Republicans and Hilary Clinton for the Democrats. In that election, did you vote?did you vote in 2016
EN003Who did you vote for in the presidential election?who did you vote for in 2016
EN201Which of the following comes closest to describing the region where you now live?

(If you live in more than one location, please choose the description that best describes your main residence.)
region r lives
EN201_otherregion r lives other
FLTrumpClintontrump or clinton random
evangelWould you describe yourself as:Evangelical or born again?
piEN002preload en002 from uas 306
piEN201preload EN201 from UAS 306
pirate_selfpreload rate_self from 308
pireligionreligion preload from uas 308
Joe Biden
Rate Biden from liberal to conservative
Kamala Harris
Rate Harris from liberal to conservative
rate_orderrandomized order of rate series questions--Yourself always shown first
Mike Pence
Rate Pence from liberal to conservative
rate_selfOn a scale from 0 to 100 where 0 is the most liberal and 100 is the most conservative, what number would you give to:

Rate yourself from liberal to conservative
Donald Trump
Rate Trump from liberal to conservative
religionWhat is your present religion, if any?Present religion