Variable Question text Label
gen001If you decide to join the study, how likely would you be to agree to provide an invitation from the UAS to your family members to let them make a decision about whether or not to also join?

Remember that no matter what you tell us now, you will have another chance to make the decision again if the study goes forward.
agree to invite or not
gen002If you did decide to join the study, from what you know now, how likely do you think it is that at least one of your family members would also be willing to participate in this study, meaning that they would provide saliva for a DNA test, and take a 30-minute survey?how likely family members would participate
gen_selectedIndicates if selected for genomics questions or notselected for genomics questions or not
mobilityAre you able to stand or walk without the help of a mobility device like a cane, walker or a wheelchair?able to stand or walk without mobility device
sibs001We are considering an exciting new research project in the UAS which includes collecting information about family members.

How many full brothers and/or sisters do you (or did you) have? By that we mean, you share the same father and mother.
how many full brothers and/or sisters
sibs002How many of your full brothers and/or full sisters are currently alive and over the age of 18?how many alive and 18 plus full brothers and/or sisters
sibs003Is your biological mother living or deceased? biological mother living or deceased
sibs004Is your biological father living or deceased? biological father living or deceased
smartphoneWe know we may have asked you before, but just to double check, do you have an Android phone or Apple iPhone or any other kind of smart phone? By smart phone we mean a phone that you can use for accessing the internet, sending email, etc. if you want to. Please select all that apply. I have an Android Phone (e.g. Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Motorola Droid, etc.)