Variable Question text Label
numberofpaymentsnumber of payments
pa001aUsing a computer (laptop or desktop)paid using a computer (laptop or desktop)
pa001bUsing a mobile phone or tabletpaid using a mobile phone or tablet
pa001cAt a store or place of businesspaid at a store or place of business
pa_formatIndicates payment formatpayment format
pa_preloadedpreloaded indicator
pa_treatmentIndicates treatment grouptreatment group
payamntAmountamount of payment
paymerchantWho did you pay? payment who paid
paymethodWhat payment method did you use?paymnt method
paymoreDid you make any other payments or buy anything else yesterday ^FLPaymore[paytracker]?another payment
paytimeTimetime of payment
paytrackertracks payment type asked about
paytypeType of payment