Variable Question text Label
hd_01Have you ever contacted our Help Desk?contacted help desk
hd_01whyWhy did you contact the Help Desk?why help desk
hd_02How would you rate our Help Desk? rate help desk
hd_03Have you spoken to or emailed with someone particularly helpful?commendable staff
hd_04Which of the following mode(s) of communication would you be comfortable with UAS team members using to contact you? Select all that apply. allowed mode of communication
hd_05Which of the following mode(s) of communication would you prefer UAS team members use to contact you?preferred mode of communication
hd_06If we need to reach you more urgently, which mode would be the quickest to get a hold of you? quickest mode of communication
hd_07Which of the following do you check the most frequently? frequent checking mode of communication