Variable Question text Label
poll_Q1What is the percent chance that you will vote in the 2018 election for the U.S. House of Representatives?Likelihood of voting for congress
poll_Q2a_DemocratFor a Democratic candidate?Percent chance of voting for Democrat
poll_Q2a_RepublicanFor a Republican candidate?Percent chance of voting for GOP
poll_Q2a_otherFor another party’s candidate Percent chance of voting for other
poll_Q2bIf the 2018 election for the U.S. House of Representatives were being held today, which party's candidate would you vote for in your district?Generic Congressional
poll_Q3As of now, do you lean more toward voting for a ^poll_q3_options[1] or a ^poll_q3_options[2] or another party's candidate in your district?not sure
poll_Q4Overall, do you approve or disapprove of the job that Donald Trump is doing as president?Trump Job Approval
poll_Q5Whether or not you approve of the job Donald Trump has been doing as president so far, would you say he has done less, more, or about as much as he said he would do?Trump accomplished what he promised
poll_Q6What number best represents how you feel about Donald Trump as a person, if 0 means you entirely dislike him and 100 means you entirely like him?Like/Dislike Trump
poll_Q7What number best represents how you feel about Donald Trump’s policies, if 0 means you dislike all of his policies and 100 means you like all of his policies? Like/Dislike Trump Policies
poll_Q8Please indicate the extent to which the following statement applies, or does not apply, to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump keeps his promises
Trump keeps promises
poll_Q9Thinking about the investigation into Russian efforts to influence the U.S. presidential election in 2016, which comes closer to your point of view about it? Do you think it is:Russian investigation
poll_Q10Overall, how difficult is it for your household to make ends meet with your current household income?Household make ends meet
poll_Q11Now looking ahead - do you think that a year from now you (and your family) will be better off financially or worse off, or just about the same as now?Better/Worse off in a year
poll_Q12_AE1People like me don’t have much say in what government doesPpl like me don’t have much say in governmt
poll_Q13_AE2The system is stacked against people like me System is stacked against ppl like me
poll_Q14_AE3It doesn't really matter who you vote for because the rich control both political partiesVotes don’t matter, rich control both parties
poll_Q15_ME1I'd rather put my trust in the wisdom of ordinary people than the opinions of experts and intellectualsTrust wisdom of ordinary people over experts/intellectuals
poll_Q16_ME2When it comes to really important questions, scientific facts don't help very muchScientific facts don’t help with really imp questions
poll_Q17_ME3Ordinary people can really use the help of experts to understand complicated things like science and health Ordinary ppl need experts for science/health
poll_Q18_NA1I generally trust the collective judgment of the American people, even for complex political issuesI trust the collective judgment of American people
poll_Q19_NA2I generally consider myself to be like most other AmericansConsider myself to be like most Americans
poll_Q20_NA3How important is being an American to who you are?Personal importance of being American
poll_Q21Which statement comes closest to your own views, even if neither is exactly right?
Af-Americans: Descrimation or Pers Resp?

Which statement comes closest to your own views, even if neither is exactly right?

Immigrants: strengthen US or take jobs etc?
poll_Q23Which statement comes closest to your own views, even if neither is exactly right?Obstacles for women mostly gone vs. still significant
poll_Q24Which is the bigger problem for the country today?Biggest Prob: blaming discrimination or not seeing it?
poll_Q25Regardless of if or how you are registered to vote, are you more closely aligned with:Political affiliation
poll_q2a_randomizerrandomizer poll_q2a
poll_q2b_randomizerOrder of q2b answer optionsrandomizer poll_q2b
poll_q3_randomizerOrder of q3 answer optionsrandomizer poll_q3
poll_q4_randomizerOrder of q4 answer optionsrandomizer poll_q4
poll_q5_randomizerOrder of q5 answer optionsrandomizer poll_q5
poll_q6_randomizerOrder of q6 and q7randomizer poll_q6
poll_q8_randomizerOrder of q8 and q9randomizer poll_q8, q9 order
poll_q9_randomizerOrder of q9 answer optionsrandomizer q9 answer options order
poll_q10_randomizerOrder of q10 answer optionsrandomizer poll_q10
poll_q11_randomizerOrder of q11 answer optionsrandomizer poll_q11
poll_q12_orderorder of q12 to q20
poll_q21_orderorder of q21 to q24
poll_q21_randomizerOrder of q21 answer optionsrandomizer poll_q21
poll_q22_randomizerOrder of q22 answer optionsrandomizer poll_q22
poll_q23_randomizerOrder of q23 answer optionsrandomizer poll_q23
poll_q24_randomizerOrder of q24 answer optionsrandomizer poll_q24
poll_q26What is your present religion, if any? religious affiliation
poll_q27Would you describe yourself as a "born-again" and/or "evangelical" Christian, or not? evangelical or born again
poll_q28We know it is a long way away, but the next presidential election state party primaries will be held in 2020. If you decide to vote in your state's presidential primary, which party's primary are you most likely to vote in, if any?presidential primary 2020 party
poll_q29_aHere is a list of candidates who are running, or who could run for the Democratic nomination in 2020. If your state's Democratic presidential primary were held today, would you vote for: presidential primary 2020 democrats
poll_q29_a_orderorder presidential primary 2020 democrats
poll_q29_bIf your state’s 2020 Republican presidential primary were held today, would you vote for: presidential primary 2020 republicans