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poll_q35We know the 2020 election is a long way away, but given what you know now, which of the following comes closest to your view? 2020 Republican primary
poll_q36We know the 2020 election is a long way away, but here is a list of some candidates who are running, or could run, for the Democratic nomination in 2020. If your state’s Democratic presidential primary were held today, would you vote for:2020 Dem Primary
poll_q36_optionsq36 answer options order
poll_q36_otherother 2020 democratic candidate preference
poll_q37What is your present religion, if any? present religion
poll_q37_christianother christian present religion
poll_q37_otherother present religion
poll_q38Would you describe yourself as: born-again christian
poll_q38aRegardless of your political registration or affiliation, where would you place yourself on the political spectrum from ^poll_q38a_options_lower[1] to ^poll_q38a_options_lower[9]? Political Ideology
poll_q38a_optionsq38a answer options order
poll_q38a_randomizerrandomizer poll_q38a
poll_q39Thinking now about gender and identity...

Would you describe yourself as:
Gender Identity
poll_q40Would you describe yourself as: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
poll_q40_otherother Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
poll_q41Many people were not able to vote in the election for U.S. President, which took place between Republican candidate Donald Trump, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and Green party candidate Jill Stein and a few other candidates. Were you able to vote in that election, or not? Vote in 2016 Presidential Election
poll_q42In the 2016 presidential election, which candidate did you vote for? Candidate choice in 2016 election
poll_q43One final question...

During the last three weeks of October, we would like to ask you a small number of questions every week about the 2018 congressional election and your opinion on some national issues. We would ask you at about five to eight simple questions and you would be paid $2 a week for your answers. Would you be interested in participating in this?
Tracking poll consent
presvotepreloaded presidential vote
uas117_poll_q26What is your present religion, if any? preloaded present religion uas117, poll q26
uas117_poll_q27Would you describe yourself as a "born-again" and/or "evangelical" Christian, or not? preloaded born again christian uas117, poll q27