UAS Yearly Weights

In September of 2023, the UAS team added a new datafile containing weights that can be used to create nationally representative values for the core surveys in the UAS, using the Comprehensive File.

The Comprehensive File includes wave-specific weights (r12final_weight, r13final_weight, r14final_weight, r15final_weight) that allow the sample to be representative of the reference population along several demographic dimensions. These dimensions include gender, race/ethnicity, age, education, household size, household income, and census region and urban/rural characteristics of the area of residence. You can find a complete description of the UAS weighting procedure here. These weights, however, are designed to allow the production of nationally-representatives estimates for the (approximately) two-year period that each wave spans.

Click this link to download weights specifically created to produce nationally representative statistics for every calendar year. Suggestions on how to use the yearly weights can be found here.


The following downloads are available: