The first survey was fielded on March 10, 2020. The survey was in the field until April 1. In contrast to later waves, all respondents were invited on March 10. The distribution of responses over the survey period is therefore not random and concentrated in the first part of the survey period (see the Survey Methods tab on the Covid-19 Pulse site). As of April 1, a new survey is fielded every two weeks. Each day one fourteenth of the respondents are invited to take the survey. Since respondents have two weeks to answer the survey, the total field period is 4 weeks, so that responses during the last two weeks of a field period of one survey overlap with responses in the first two weeks of the subsequent survey.

The separate data sets, questionnaires and codebooks are listed under the Documentation tab. UAS Understanding Coronavirus in America publications in academia, blogs and the media can be found in the Publications tab. If you are interested specifically in education, visit the Understanding America Study (UAS) Education Project.