The Center for Economic and Social Research’s (CESR’s) data management policies are supportive of the goal of reproducible scientific results. CESR is a member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s Transparency Initiative and committed to transparency in our methodology and providing secure access to our data collections. Researchers from all over the world conduct surveys in our Understanding America Study (UAS) probability-based internet research panel. CESR maintains a secure database of these survey results. Researchers interested in secondary data analysis of CESR’s collection of longitudinal or single-survey data, or in linking existing data to their survey results, may register for an UAS data user account.

Registered users sign an agreement to respect participant privacy and confidentiality and to not attempt to re-identify UAS participants. Once registered, users are provided with access to CESR’s collection of coded individual-level survey data; occasionally after a brief embargo. These UAS data files contain no direct identifiers, including no locality more granular than state. The data may be merged for analysis using the unique participant-level UAS code.

Data Hosting and Replicability Support

Many journals now follow an open-data policy, encouraging or requiring authors to provide analysis data files along with published articles. In keeping with CESR’s open source philosophy of routine disclosure of research methods, data, and programs, we will host publication-related final analysis data sets for authors of publications based on UAS data.

Locating Publication-Related Data Files

You can access CESR-hosted analytic data files by either following the link(s) included with a published article from our publication page (located here), or if you know which UAS survey is associated with the publication, you can access the file directly from the survey’s data page.