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Answer type: Radio buttons
Answer options: 1 A doctor or other provider who spends time with me and does not rush through my exam
2 A doctor or other provider who listens to me and shows they care about me
3 A doctor or provider who clearly explains what s/he is doing during my exam and what I need to do after the visit
4 Clear, helpful information about my diagnoses and conditions
5 Doctors and other providers who communicate with each other and coordinate my treatment
6 A doctor or other provider who understands my cultural preferences and needs
7 All my doctors and prescriptions are in-network and covered
8 Clear instructions on what pre-authorization is needed and how to get it
9 A stable health insurance plan that changes little, or not at all, from year to year
10 Accurate cost information before I receive a particular service or procedure with a particular doctor or hospital
11 Easy to understand medical bills, premium bills, and Explanations of Benefits (EOBs)
12 An easy to use online portal to pay my health care bills
13 Little to no wait time at doctor's offices, laboratories, testing centers, etc.
14 Appointments are available for the date and time when I need them
15 A customer service representative or billing agent who will work on an issue until it is completely resolved
16 Assistance finding the right doctor, hospital, or treatment facility for my specific situation
17 Access to a doctor or other health care provider that is close to my house or work
18 Transportation from my home to the doctor’s office
19 Meals delivered to my home after I am discharged from the hospital
20 Easy email or telephone communication with my care team
21 Easy to use online portal with my doctor or hospital to help me manage my test results and appointments
22 Option to consult with a doctor through online video (i.e., telehealth)
23 Access to electronic trackers (like a Fitbit or Apple Watch) that allow me to share my health data with my doctors and nurses
24 Access to a high-quality specialist for my condition
25 Access to reliable information about quality (e.g., medical outcomes) when choosing a health care provider
Label: round options
Empty allowed: One-time warning
Error allowed: Not allowed
Multiple instances: Yes

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