National Trends in the US Public

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National Trends in the US Public
Peter G. Szilagyi, Kyla Thomas, Megha D. Shah, Nathalie Vizueta, Yan Cui, Sitaram Vangala and Arie Kapteyn
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The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is causing enormous morbidity and mortality across the US and is disproportionately affecting racial/ethnic minority populations and elderly persons. High acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines will be instrumental to ending the pandemic.

Four cross-sectional internet surveys1-4 (3 using convenience samples1,3,4) from April2 and May1,3,4 2020 found that 58% to 69% of adults intended to get vaccinated against COVID-19, with higher percentages reported in April2 than in May.1,3,4 These studies did not track the same individuals over time, making it difficult to assess whether intent to get vaccinated has truly declined.

We analyzed biweekly survey data from a nationally representative longitudinal study to describe changes over time in the public’s likelihood of getting a COVID-19 vaccine and across demographic subgroups.