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fi001Over the past year, how would you describe your household’s income and expenses?how describe household income and expenses
fi002Over the past year, which of the following statements best describes how well your household is keeping up with its bills? Please consider rent, mortgage, utility, phone, and credit card bills. how well keeping up with bills
fi003How long could your household make ends meet if you lost your main source of income and had to live off savings that are readily available to cover basic monthly expenses (such as housing, food, taxes, healthcare, etc.)? Please consider money in your checking account, savings account, on prepaid cards, and in long make ends meet
fi004How confident are you that your household is taking the steps needed to ensure that you will have enough money saved for your long-term financial goals (such as buying a home, launching a business, starting a family, helping pay for education, planning for retirement, etc.)? Please consider money saved in retirement funds, stocks and bonds, other long-term savings accounts, and money not kept in a bank. how confident taking steps enough money saved
fi005As of today, how would you describe your household’s current level of debt? Please consider money owed on bank loans, student loans, medical debt, past-due utilities, money owed to friends and family, and any credit card balances carried over from the previous month. current level of debt
fi006How would you rate your credit score?how rate credit score
fi007How confident are you that your household’s insurance policies will provide you with enough support in case of an emergency? Please consider the amount of coverage you have for your health insurance, vehicle insurance, home/rental insurance, life insurance and disability confident life insurance policies provide enough support
fi008To what extent does your household plan ahead to cover upcoming expenses? For example, planning for a large upcoming bill, saving for a future medical expense, or setting aside money for a rainy what extent household plan covers upcoming expenses