Variable Question text Label
q036Which of the following statements best describes how your household’s total spending compared to total income over the last 12 months? how compares total income to total spending
q037Which of the following come closest to the reason that your household's spending exceeded its income in the last 12 months?closest reason spending exceeded income
q037_otherother reason household's spending exceeded income
q038In the last 12 months, when your household’s spending exceeded its income, which of the following, if any, did your household do to help cover expenses? Please select all that apply. Worked extra hours or took other actions to increase or supplement income
q038_orderorder q038 answer options
q038_otherother what done to help cover expenses
q039Which of the following statements best describes how your household has paid its bills over the last 12 months?

My household has been financially able to:
how paid bills over last 12 months
q040Did you or anyone in your household receive a tax refund this year (from filing 2017 taxes), or do you expect to receive a refund? expect tax refund
q041Which of the following best describes how you used your tax refund? Did you save or invest the money, or did you spend it, or some of both?how tax refund used
q041_otherother how tax refund used
q042How did you or the members of your household spend the refund? If you spent it in more than one way, please select all that apply.Paid down debt
q042_orderorder answer options how refund spend
q042_otherother how refund spend
q043Suppose now that you have an emergency expense that costs $400. Based on your current financial situation, how would you pay for this expense? If you would use more than one method, please select all that apply.Put it on my credit card and pay it off in full at the next statement
q043_otherother how pay emergency expense
q133Please think about all of the purchases you made in the last 12 months and the way you paid for them, including by cash, check, credit card, debit card, and other forms of electronic payment. What portion of the purchases you made in the last 12 months did you make in cash?amount of purchases in cash