Variable Question text Label
q105Do you or your family own the place where you live, or do you pay rent, or do you live rent free?living situation
q105_otherother living situation--specify
q106Does your household have car insurance on all your automobiles?car insurance on all vehicles
q107Is your household currently covered by homeowner's insurance?covered by homeowner's insurance
q108Is your household currently covered by renter's insurance?covered by renter's insurance
q109Do you currently have life insurance?have life insurance
q110Do you currently have short-term or long-term disability insurance?have short or long term disability insurance
q111Do you currently have health insurance (including employer-paid, private, Medicare/Medicaid, Military, Veterans, Indian Health Service, or any other type of medical coverage)?have health insurance
q112Thinking about all of the types of personal and household insurance you and others in your household have, how confident are you that those insurance policies will provide enough support in case of an emergency?confidence in insurance coverage
q134Which of the following is your main source of health insurance coverage?main source of health insurance
q134_othermain source of health insurance--other