Variable Question text Label
q120In the main job that you had in the past 30 days did you:main job
q120_othermain job--other specify
q121In your main job, do you normally start and end work around the same time each day that you work or does it vary?start/end work time variation
q122In your main job, approximately how far in advance do you typically know the hours that you will work on any given day?how far in advance schedule is known
q123Still thinking about your main job, does your employer offer you any of the following benefits (even if you do not personally use the benefit)? Please select all that apply.Paid sick leave
q123_otherbenefits employer offers--other specify
q124What do you think the likelihood is that you will lose your main job, or be permanently laid off, during the next 12 months?likelihood lose job
q125Some people earn money from independent, short term, task-based or temporary work. Please indicate whether you have ever done the following activities in the last 12 months. (Please select all that apply) Driven for car services such as Uber or Lyft
q125_othermoney source from temp work--other specify