Variable Question text Label
fo001In comparison to others, are you a person who is generally willing to give up something today to benefit from that in the future or are you not willing to do so?

person willing to trade today for future
fo002aI consider how things might be in the future, and try to influence those things with my day to day behavior.influence day to day behavior for future
fo002bOften I engage in a particular behavior in order to achieve outcomes that may not result for many years. engage behavior for long term outcomes
fo002cI only act to satisfy immediate concerns, figuring the future will take care of itself.
act to satisfy immediate concerns only
fo002dMy behavior is only influenced by the immediate (i.e., a matter of days or weeks) outcomes of my actions. behavior only influence by immediate outcome of actions
fo002eMy convenience is a big factor in the decisions I make or the actions I take. convenience big factor
fo002fI am willing to sacrifice my immediate happiness or well-being to achieve future outcomes.
willing to sacrifice immediate happiness for future outcomes
fo002gI think it is important to take warnings about negative outcomes seriously even if the negative outcome will not occur for many years. take warnings of negative outcomes seriously
fo002hI think it is more important to perform a behavior with important distant consequences than a behavior with less-important immediate consequences. more important perform behavior with distant consequences
fo002iI generally ignore warnings about possible future problems because I think the problems will be resolved before they reach crisis level. ignore warnings about future problems
fo002jI think that sacrificing now is usually unnecessary since future outcomes can be dealt with at a later timesacrifice now is usually unnecessary