Variable Question text Label
jd_001Thinking now about the government shutdown that began in December 2018. Did the shutdown financially affect you or anyone in your household? Financially affected by government shutdown
jd_002Which of the following describes how/why the shutdown affected you? Please check all that apply.Reason for shutdown personal impact
jd_003Did the government shutdown cause you or your household any financial hardship, or not?Shutdown cause household financial hardship
jd_004Did you personally use any of the following strategies to cope with the financial impact of the shutdown? Please check all that apply.Strategies for coping with shutdown
jd_005Do you ^fl_jd_005[1] or ^fl_jd_005[2] of President Trump's handling of the government shutdown?Approve/Disapprove of Trump’s handling
jd_005_orderorder Approve/Disapprove of Trump’s handling
jd_005_randomizerIndicates approve/disapprove orderrandomizer Approve/Disapprove of Trump’s handling
jd_006Do you ^fl_jd_005[1] or ^fl_jd_005[2] of how the Democrats in Congress are handling the government shutdown?Approve/Disapprove of Democrats handling
jd_006_007_randomizerIndicates order Democrats and Republicansrandomizer order democrats and republicans
jd_007Do you ^fl_jd_005[1] or ^fl_jd_005[2] of how the Republicans in Congress are handling the government shutdown?Approve/Disapprove of Rebublicans handling