Variable Question text Label
f001_randomizerIndicates whether vignette 2 or 3 is asked in work 1 - vignette series 1.randomizer vignette series 1 - work 1
f001a_gaugef001a rating of feelings
f001b_gaugef001b rating of feelings
f001c_gaugef001c rating of feelings
f002_randomizerIndicates whether vignette 2 or 3 is asked in work 2 - vignette series 2.randomizer vignette series 2 - work 2
f002a_gaugef002a rating of feelings
f002b_gaugef002b rating of feelings
f002c_gaugef002c rating of feelings
f003_randomizerIndicates whether vignette 2 or 3 is asked in commuting - vignette series 3.randomizer vignette series 3 - commuting
f003a_gaugef003a rating of feelings
f003a_randomizerIndicates description of commutef003a description
f003a_randomizer_timeIndicates time in commutef003a time in commute
f003a_xxf003a xx
f003a_yyf003a yy
f003a_zz1f003a zz1
f003a_zz2f003a zz2
f003b_gaugef00b rating of feelings
f003b_randomizerIndicates description of commutef003b description
f003b_randomizer_timeIndicates time in commutef003b time in commute
f003b_xxf003b xx
f003b_yyf003b yy
f003b_zz1f003b zz1
f003b_zz2f003b zz2
f003c_gaugef003c rating of feelings
f003c_randomizerIndicates description of commutef003c description
f003c_randomizer_timeIndicates time in commutef003c time in commute
f003c_xxf003c xx
f003c_yyf003c yy
f003c_zz1f003c zz1
f003c_zz2f003c zz2
f004_randomizerIndicates whether vignette 2 or 3 is asked in dinner - vignette series 4.randomizer vignette series 4 - dinner
f004a_gaugef004a rating of feelings
f004a_randomizerIndicates description of dinnerf004a description
f004b_gaugef004b rating of feelings
f004b_randomizerIndicates description of dinnerf004b description
f004c_gaugef004c rating of feelings
f004c_randomizerIndicates description of dinnerf004c description
f005_randomizerIndicates whether vignette 2 or 3 is asked in movies/tv - vignette series 5.randomizer vignette series 5 - movies/tv
f005a_gaugef005a rating of feelings
f005a_randomizerIndicates movie descriptionmovie description
f005b_gaugef005b rating of feelings
f005b_randomizerIndicates movie descriptionmovie description
f005c_gaugef005c rating of feelings
f005c_randomizerIndicates movie descriptionmovie description
f006_randomizerIndicates whether vignette 2 or 3 is asked in sleep - vignette series 6.randomizer vignette series 6 - sleep
f006a_gaugef006a rating of feelings
f006b_gaugef006b rating of feelings
f006c_gaugef006c rating of feelings
f007_randomizerIndicates whether vignette 2 or 3 is asked in cleaning - vignette series 7.randomizer vignette series 7 - cleaning
f007a_gaugef007a rating of feelings
f007a_randomizerIndicates description cleaningf007a description randomizer
f007a_randomizer_timeIndicates time spent cleaningf007a time randomizer
f007b_gaugef007b rating of feelings
f007b_randomizerIndicates description cleaningf007b description randomizer
f007b_randomizer_timeIndicates time spent cleaningf007b time randomizer
f007c_gaugef007c rating of feelings
f007c_randomizerIndicates description cleaningf007c description randomizer
f007c_randomizer_timeIndicates time spent cleaningf007c time randomizer
f008_randomizerIndicates whether vignette 2 or 3 is asked in time with children - vignette series 8.randomizer vignette series 8 - time with children
f008a_gaugef008a rating of feelings
f008a_randomizerIndicates gender childf008a boy/girl randomizer
f008b_gaugef008b rating of feelings
f008b_randomizerIndicates gender childf008b boy/girl randomizer
f008c_gaugef008c rating of feelings
f008c_randomizerIndicates gender childf008c boy/girl randomizer
f008d_gaugef008d rating of feelings
feelings_randomizerIndicates fourth feeling asked aboutfeelings randomizer
name_ordername order in vignettes
vignette_orderorder of vignettes