Variable Question text Label
be_001We will begin by asking about checking accounts. When answering the question, please keep the following in mind:
  • If you are married or living with a partner, please report only your accounts.
  • Do not include accounts held...
    • ...only by your spouse or partner
    • ...for business purposes only
    • non-bank online payment services such as PayPal
  • Enter "0" if you have no accounts of the indicated type.
Do you currently have any checking accounts at banks, credit unions, brokerages, or investment firms?
has checking accounts
be_002Online banking is a method of accessing a bank account via the website of a bank, to perform such actions as viewing account balances, making transfers between accounts, or paying bills electronically.

In order to set up access to your bank’s online banking website, you usually have to set up a username, password, site key, or PIN.

Have you ever set up access to online banking?
set up mobile banking
be_003A debit card allows you to make purchases or payments in addition to allowing access to your bank accounts through an automated teller machine (ATM).

How many debit card payments did you make yesterday, ^FL_date?
number of debit card payments yesterday
be_004How many cash payments did you make yesterday, ^FL_date? number of cash payments yesterday
be_005How much cash do you have in your wallet, purse, and/or pocket?
  • Please round to the nearest dollar
  • Do not include cash owned by other members of your household
how much cash in wallet