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gps_consentThank you again for participating in the UAS’s Air Quality project. As we mentioned when we invited you to join the project, even if you shared your location through the Atmotube app, we do not use the data in our analysis. In fact, we delete the location data immediately after the activity data is downloaded from the app.

However, for some scientific questions, it would be helpful to be able to use that information. For example, we could study how air quality may be related to where people are, such as near a freeway, or in a busy part of town, or in a rural or suburban area. We can also look at pollution data that we get from other sources, and see how it compares to what we learn about people’s actual living environments. For this reason, we are inviting participants who are in the Air Quality project to give us permission to use the location information collected by the Atmotube app for this type of research. We will protect the location data in the same careful way we protect all of the other data you provide. Everything we told you we would do to protect your information when you agreed to join the UAS and this project still applies - we do not associate this or any other research data with your name.

If you agree to allow us to use the data, you can answer the question below, and allow data sharing through the Atmotube app. The UAS will add $5 a month to your earnings.

If you tell us you prefer not to share your location data, nothing will change, you will continue to be a valuable part of the Air Quality project and the Understanding America Study.

If you have questions, contact the UAS helpdesk at (855) 872-8673 or

Do you agree to allow UAS to use the GPS location information collected by your Atmotube to be used for research purposes?
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