Variable Question text Label
bif001Is talkative.talkative
bif002Tends to find fault with others.finds fault with others
bif003Does a thorough job.does thorough job
bif004Is depressed, depressed
bif005Is original, comes up with new original
bif006Is reserved
bif007Is helpful and unselfish with helpful
bif008Can be somewhat carelesscan be careless
bif009Is relaxed, handles stress well. is relaxed
bif010Is curious about many different curious
bif011Is full of full of energy
bif012Starts quarrels with others.starts quarrels
bif013Is a reliable worker.reliable worker
bif014Can be tense.can be tense
bif015Is ingenious, a deep ingenious
bif016Generates a lot of enthusiasm.generates enthousiasm
bif017Has a forgiving nature.has forgiving nature
bif018Tends to be disorganized.tends to be disorganized
bif019Worries a lot.worries a lot
bif020Has an active imagination
bif021Tends to be quiet.tends to be quiet
bif022Is generally trusting.generally trusting
bif023Tends to be lazy.tends to be lazy
bif024Is emotionally stable, not easily upset.emotionally stable
bif025Is inventive
bif026Has an assertive personality.assertive personality
bif027Can be cold and aloof.can be cold and aloof
bif028Perseveres until the task is finished.perseveres until finished
bif029Can be moody.can be moody
bif030Values artistic, aesthetic experiences.values artistic experiences
bif031Is sometimes shy, sometimes shy
bif032Is considerate and kind to almost kind to everyone
bif033Does things efficiently.does things efficiently
bif034Remains calm in tense situations.remains calm in tense situations
bif035Prefers work that is routine.prefers work that is routine
bif036Is outgoing, outgoing
bif037Is sometimes rude to sometimes rude
bif038Makes plans and follows through with themmakes plans and follows through
bif039Gets nervous easily.gets nervous easily
bif040Likes to reflect, play with ideas.likes to reflect
bif041Has few artistic interests.has few artistic interests
bif042Likes to cooperate with others.likes to cooperate with others
bif043Is easily easily distracted
bif044Is sophisticated in art, music, or sophisticated in art, music, or literature