Variable Question text Label
damageinterferencephoneDo the cracks or physical damage interfere with your use to see items or register a response or cause a safety hazard?cracks interfere
damagephoneDoes your phone screen have any cracks or physical damage affecting its use?phone have any damage
phone_filterphone filter
planphoneWhich of the following best describes your phone plan?what phone plan
protectorphoneOne more question about your phone… do you have a screen protector on your phone? has screen protector
survey_versionsurvey version
whatphoneIn this survey, we are inviting you to take part in a new UAS research study that will help researchers understand how often certain information needs to be collected. Please answer the following questions to find out if you are eligible to participate in this study.

Which of the following mobile phones do you currently own or have for personal use? Only answer about phones that are working, and have a cell plan, or are wifi-enabled.

I own or have for personal use:
An Android smartphone