Variable Question text Label
check_lr011You entered an amount over $50,000. Is this correct?amount over 50k
lr005In your primary job, are you self-employed or do you work for an employer? self employed or work for employer
lr007Out of the past seven days, how many days did you work from home?

how many day work from home past seven days
lr010How frequently are you paid for your job?how frequently paid
lr011What was the amount on your most recent paycheck? amount most recent paycheck
lr019aAre you employed by the government, employed by a private company or employed by a nonprofit organization? employment type
lr021About how many employees (including yourself) work for this company or organization? If the company or organization has more than one location, add up all employees at the different locations. number of employees
lr022Including yourself, how many people work in your business or organization? self-employed number of employees