Variable Question text Label
CT003Do you have a smart phone? By that we mean a cell phone that is connected to the internet so that you can get email, look up things online, post to Facebook or other social media, among other thingsR owns smartphone
CT004What kind of cell phone do you have? cell phone OS
CT004_othercell phone type other
CT008_extrainfoThank you for your willingness to consider participating in our study. If you decide to join this study and are randomly selected to participate in the 7-day intensive part of it, we will contact you and verify your address, that you still have an android phone, and that you are able to participate during the week that we have selected. We will tell you more about how to participate at that time, and how payments will be made to your Clincard, and on what day the study will start.

The GeneActive accelerometer is a device that is about the size of a wristwatch. It measures activity, and privately stores that information in the device itself. When you send the device back to us, we will be able to read the information. If you were to lose the device or it was stolen, there is nothing that would connect your activity recording to you personally. It is completely safe, and most users find that it is comfortable to wear. If you have any problems with it or decide that you don’t want to participate in that or any other part of this study, you can withdraw at any time.

Having read more about it, are you interested in participating in this project?
extra info
FLWouldWouldNotwould would not fill
consent1Are you interested in participating in this project? consent ema
totconsentconsent to participate