Variable Question text Label
q001Do you use any of the following health or fitness tracking devices? (please check all that apply) Smartwatch (e.g. Fitbit, Garmin, Fit, Apple Watch, etc.)
q002What type of smartwatch do you own? (please check all that apply) Fitbit
q003What type of Fitbit do you own? Inspire HR
q004Can your Garmin smartwatch monitor heart rate? Garmin smartwatch monitor heart rate
q005Can your Garmin smartwatch monitor sleep?Garmin smartwatch monitor sleep
q006Please write in which Garmin smartwatch you use (e.g. Venu, Instinct, Vivoactive, Vivomove, etc. ) type of garmin
q007We might be starting a new UAS project to help us learn about how activity, sleep, and stress levels could be changing during the coronavirus outbreak.

People who agree to join the project would share data from their smartwatches over a period of time (For example, we might ask to see your data for two weeks, then again for two weeks a few months later).

We would be interested in data on sleep patterns, and heart rate. If you decided to join, we would pay you for sharing your data.

As always, we would carefully protect your privacy, and would never publish any reports that could identify you or anyone else who was part of the project.

Given what you know now, how likely would you be to agree to share your smartwatch data with us? You are not committing to anything at this time, you can always change your mind when or if we ask you again.
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