Variable Question text Label
FLLE011fill for LE010
LE001The following questions ask about events that may have occurred during the last month.

Please think back over the past four weeks or so and tell us whether or not any of the following 10 things happened.

You suffered a serious illness, injury, or assault.
suffered serious illness
LE002A close relative suffered a serious illness, injury, or assault.close relative suffered serious illness
LE003There was a death of someone close to you.death of someone close to you
LE004 You had serious marital difficulties, including separation with partner.serious marital difficulties
LE005You had a serious problem with a close friend or relative (including children).serious problem with close friend
LE006You became unemployed, yet you wanted to be employed.became unemployed
LE007You retired from your job.retired from job
LE008You made a decision to retire within the next 6 monthsmade decision to retire within next 6 months
LE009You had a major financial setback or crisis.major financial setback
LE010You had a major legal problem.major legal problem
LE011You said that ^FLLE011[LEcnt] during the last month. Please indicate when this happened or when it started by clicking the date on the calendarplease indicate when it happened
LE012Please briefly describe this event in the space below. You may also just skip this question and go on to the next one. please indicate when it happened
LEcntsection LE counter